Plumbing Supplies

Plumbing Supplies

Fresh Pool Supply is your one-stop shop for all of your pool plumbing needs. We have all the essentials for a leak-free pool or spa. The plumbing section of our store has a larger selection than other companies in the area, making it easier for you to locate what you need and when you need it. Our experts are always available to help you measure and identify the correct products for your pool.

Here are just few items we offer that many other local suppliers lack:

  • PVC pipe & fittings (1.5” through 4”)
  • PVC pipe, repair fittings and reducer bushings
  • Fitting extenders
  • Inside pipe extenders
  • PVC glue & primer
  • Sanding tape
  • Teflon tape
  • Underwater tile repair and epoxy kits
  • Spray paint and plumbing label kits
  • Epoxy repair putty
  • Silicone thread sealant
  • Pressure and vacuum gauges (regular & liquid filled)
  • Jandy valves & actuators
  • Check valves & ball Valves

Contact us today to see if we have your plumbing parts on hand.

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