Pool Supply Store

Pool Supply Store

Look no further than Fresh Pool Supply for all of your pool and spa care needs. Our store is always stocked with the very best in pool supplies, chemical, equipment, parts and accessories. Come by Fresh Pool Supply today to discover what we have to offer.

Pool Maintenance Supplies & Chemicals

Our selection of nets, brushes, skimmers and many more accessories are just what you need to keep the pool clean and in working order. Quality chemicals keep your pool and spa in pristine condition, and we carry a large selection of top-brand chlorine, shock, algaecide, and sanitizers.

Pool Equipment 

Finding the right pool equipment doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re looking for variable-speed pumps, heaters or filters, we have what you need. At Fresh Pool Supply, you’ll get the best value on name-brand equipment. If you aren’t sure which products are right for your needs, our experts are on hand to walk you through choosing the right products for you.

Pool Plumbing Supplies

Our pool plumbing supplies sets us apart from other retail stores. From PVC pipe fittings and sanding tape to silicone thread sealant and pressure gauges, our plumbing department has all the necessary parts for your pool plumbing needs.

Pool Toys & Floats

What pool doesn’t need a little fun? Our stock of pool floats, toys and games is sure to keep you and the family smiling and enjoying your time in the water.

Pool & Spa Parts

Fresh Pool Supply carries a large inventory of a pool parts perfect for your automatic cleaner, pump, filter and more.  We have pump motors, seal kits, filter cartridges, o-rings, automatic pool cleaner parts and much more.  Need spa parts?  We can special order that hard to find hot tub part you have been looking for.

Complimentary Expert Water Analysis

Your pool and hot tub water matters to us. Using the cutting edge WaterLink® Spin Touch™ photometer, the Fresh Pool Supply chemistry experts will test your water to ensure everything is balanced and in order, give you the results within a couple of minutes and personally explain the results in order to keep your pool operating efficiently and effectively. If any chemicals or products are needed to balance your pool and hot tub water, we’ll show you exactly what’s needed to get it in order.

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